The Pho-King Challenge Rules

The Pho-King Challenge consists of a GIANT bowl of traditional Vietnamese Pho soup that must be conquered in one sitting. All ingredients must be fully consumed to become the Pho-King winner! To Participate in the Pho-King Challenge, please give us at least a 2 day notification by calling 303-797-9535.

Challenge Meal Includes:

- 2 lbs of noodles
- 2 lbs of meat
- 200 oz of broth
- Separate Plate of Vegetables

Winners & Losers

Winner receives their Pho-King meal for free, a Pho-King t-shirt, and their picture displayed as Pho-King winner of the month. Loser will receive a PINK Pho-King loser t-shirt and the bill. Price for the defeated: $40 *** Participate at your own risk ***

Contact Us or Call 303-797-9535
The Wall of Winners & Losers