Frequently Asked Questions

What’s pho 95 mean?

95 is not just a number, but an inspiring symbol that has kept our family motivated and together. More specifically it is the year that our family first immigrated to the United States. This number means a lot to our family and is something that has been around since the beginning of our business. With that, we’d like to invite you to come share some of our strong family ties and enjoy a nice hot bowl of Pho 95!

Oftentimes they’re lucky numbers. “In some Asian cultures, eight is associated with wealth or prosperity. Repetition is considered desirable (Olympics started 8/8/08). Or to mark a date in Vietnamese history, or the owners’ personal life.” For example, Phở 67 could stand for 1967, the year the owner fled Vietnam during the war. The Phở 75s of the world are probably honoring 1975, the year Saigon fell.

Is pho Gluten-Free?

Pho 95 is great, and very heavily based on rice, rice-flour and rice-noodles, so one does not encounter too much gluten. It contains a lot of very fresh ingredients, and very little spicing, rarely or no use soy sauce. Caution when adding plum sauce, hoisin sauce to your pho Broth since this sauce contain wheat ingredient.

Do you take reservations?

Yes. We also offer a regular dining room reservation. Please make your reservation at or by calling us at 303-797-9535 or 303-936-3322 for lunch or dinner with the following information based on space availability.

As we do not seat incomplete parties, please remind your guests to be as prompt for your reservation time as possible.
We will hold your reservation for 10 minutes only after the reserved time.
We are unable to facilitate any call ahead seating requests for our wait list.

We do not take reservations at the bar.

Is Pho 95 open on national holidays?

New Years Day – Open all day
July 4th – Closed all day
Thanksgiving Day –Closed all day
Christmas Eve- Open until 3 PM
Christmas Day – Closed all day

Does Pho 95 cater?

We can accommodate any requests you have based on your budget. If you wish, we can send you our chef to prepare at your party. Please contact our managers at Pho 95, 303-797-9535 to discuss the details of your special occasion.

When is Happy Hour?

Regular Happy Hour
(*Monday- Friday 3pm-6pm*)



How do I get to Pho 95?

Pho 95 had two locations serving Colorado
Our Denver location located at 1401 S Federal Blvd Denver CO 80219

From north Follow I-25 S to Federal Blvd in Denver. Take exit 209B from I-25 S to Federal Blvd exit heading south to your destination located cross from Denver health sub Center.

From south Follow I-25 N to CO-2 S/S Evan Blvd in Denver. Take exit 203 from I-25 N. Take E Evans Ave and S Federal Blvd. Turn right onto S Federal Blvd your destination on the west side of Arkansas and Federal blvd

Centennial location locate at 6879 S Vine St 714 Centennial CO 80122
From North get to I 25 south merge to Arapahoe Exit 197, heading west on Arapahoe to Vine St turn left to Street of Southgleen shopping center. We locate between 24 hour fitness, and Hollywood movies theater.
From South

Get on I25 North Follow I-25 N to CO-177 N/S University Blvd in Highlands Ranch. Take the CO-177/University Blvd exit from CO-470 W. Continue heading on University blvd Until Easter ave then turn left to Street of Southgleen we locate behind whole food market.

How do you pronounce pho?

The best way to pronounce Pho = fuh

Any tips on being seated quickly?

Since we open at 10am to 9:30 pm every day of the week on Sundays, the wait starts at 12:30 pm last until 4pm, and 5:30 pm last until 8:30 pm

Monday-Saturday, the wait normally starts from 6:00 pm and ends around 9:00 pm. So please do come in before 6:00 pm to avoid the wait.
The wait is significantly shorter on major game nights.

It is very easy to be immediately seated for lunch (weekdays only).

What other menus do you offer at Pho 95?

Not only do we offer many pho items that are cooked, we also offer an extensive menu of traditional Vietnamese cuisines, vegetarian, gluten free dishes from our kitchen.

Does pho 95 offer Take Out Service?

We accept any take-out orders except from the happy hour menu. However, no delivery service is currently available. Please see the Kitchen menu to order.

How to order the perfect pho bowl?

You can ordering by the number, or you don’t need to look at the menu if you’re going to have pho. Don’t be intimidate by the seemingly endless choices of pho on the menu. The best and quickest service is to tell your server what you want the restaurant will make it fast for your convenient. There is a beef and there’s a chicken variety of pho Or if you must have vegan pho please request for vegetarian broth, we do offer seafood or shrimp.

On our menu there are various combinations of available meat (beef) types. If you want something not on the menu, just say it. For example, if you want pho bo with absolutely no meat, we will make it for you. Parents order these for kids all the time.

The next group is pho ga. There are not that many ways to do pho ga, so you may have 1 item here.

Pho chay or vegetarian pho. Pho 95 offering real pho chay (absolutely no meat, using separate preparation and cooking utensils).

Easy choices: pho bo or pho ga. There really are 2 types of pho, beef and chicken. You want to decide which pho you want. The default is always pho bo.

Bowl size. Pho 95 Small regular and large sizes, with kid size available for kid under 10 years of age. Or if you decide to take pho-king challenge got the size you want.

Ordering pho ga. If you want pho ga, you’ll have one of 2 scenarios:
White meat chicken pieces already in the bowl when served, or
White or dark chicken meat (bones on) on the side with a side ginger fish sauce for dipping. Pho 95 have free-range chicken: extra goodness! Only available at Denver location.

Ordering pho bo. If you want pho bo, it’s still pretty simple. Here’s what you need to know:

You can mix and match any of the available cuts and types of beef, regardless of what the menu says.
bò chín (sliced well-done steak),
bò tái (sliced rare steak),
nạm (flank),
vè dòn (crunchy flank),
gầu (fatty brisket),
gân (tendon),
sách (tripe) and
bò viên (beef meatballs, normally with tendon).
Filet mignon best quality of beef
Kobe Beef (American Kobe beef)

You can order bò viên and bò tái as side dishes. Bò tái slices are raw to be dipped in the hot broth at the table by the customers.
Other options. You’d never guess but there are ways to further customize your pho. This is what the pho connoisseurs do. Depending on your preferences, pho 95 offer just ask for any of the following:
Nước trong (non-fat broth, this is what everyone gets by default),
Nước béo (fatty broth, with extra fat, yum…),
Tái sống (very rare meat),
Ít bánh (less noodle, “banh” refers to “banh pho” which is of course the pho noodle itself),
Nhiều bánh (more noodle),
Ít thịt (less meat)
Nước béo hành trần (fatty broth with blanched onions on the side),
Giá chín (side order of steamed bean sprouts),
Không hành (no scallions),
Không hành ngò (no scallions/cilantro),
Không hành tây (no onions),
Hành giầm giấm (vinegar onions on the side)

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